Timber Frame Barn Kits






Pre-Engineered Timber Frame Barn Kits

The popularity of timber frame barn kits is on the rise. The term “timber frame” describes a house or other structure which has a wooden frame, or pre-prepared sections of wood used for building a home or structure. If you gravitate toward rustic barns and need more information, we invite you to look at our catalog of barns. We are Country Carpenters, located in Hebron  Connecticut. Our company engineers pre-cut barn kits, which we ship all over the country to discerning customers. Our New England style barn kits are easily customized to suit the purpose of your structure. Some of the hallmarks of a post and beam structure is evident in the traditional mortise and tenon joinery and wooden pegs.

Since 1974, Country Carpenters has provided sturdy, precut kits to homeowners who want to build a legacy. We provide basic plans for tens sizes and styles of barns. All the plans can easily be customized to suit your style requirements. These include porch and lean-to options, a selection of door styles, transom window options, and of course, different latch and hinge options.  Add an optional cupola and a gorgeous weathervane, and your Country Carpenters barn kit is truly your own.

Our Barns Will Last for Generations

When you want to erect a barn, studio, or barn home that will stand for centuries, start by contacting Country Carpenters. Our barns are used for businesses and workshops, as well as to house livestock and horses. The use of large timbers in post and beam construction means fewer support beams are needed, thus creating dramatically open interior spaces. Exposed beams and wooden interiors lend a warm and airy essence of natural elegance to the building. Besides, wouldn’t you enjoy the traditional timber frame barn raising from days gone by? Country Carpenters of Hebron Connecticut provides pre-cut building kits for all types of rustic post and beam buildings. We have shipped these kits all over the world. Call (860) 228-2276 for more information.



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