Carriage House Plans

Carriage House Plans

When you are thinking about building a detached garage, we invite you to look at our rustic carriage house plans at Country Carpenters. Our carriage houses are available in a variety of lengths, and we can customize the plans to suit the purpose of the building. Today’s upscale carriage houses can include living space or office space. Country Carpenters of Hebron Connecticut is your premier resource for traditional post and beam buildings.  We sell the finest pre-engineered carriage house kits you can purchase. Our selection of sturdy and beautiful pre-engineered carriage houses, barns and out buildings are ready for your building contractor to assemble.

Whether you need a building to store your toys, shelter your horses, or establish your business office, call us first. Your Country Carpenters post and beam structures are pre-cut kits supplied by our craftsmen. We have been assembling post and beam kits for sale all over the world since 1974. Build a legacy and purchase a Country Carpenters post and beam building. Our structures make attractive rustic garages or studios that you will be proud to own.

Country Carpenters carriage houses and other structures are extraordinarily strong and we expect them to stand for hundreds of years. Our precut building kits are available in many sizes and shapes, and can be customized to suit your personality and needs. Post & beam construction is a time-honored method of building the framework using upright posts and horizontal beams. The hallmark of this style of construction is exposed timber, a central element of the building’s profile. Our buildings can be erected relatively quickly due to their lack of load-bearing walls. With fewer constraints on structural requirements, post and beam construction lends itself to highly customizable floor plans. Windows, doors, and accessories can be added almost anywhere the owner sees fit.

Our Carriage Houses Will Last for Generations

The use of large timbers in post and beam construction means fewer support beams are needed, thus creating dramatically open interior spaces. Exposed beams and wooden interiors lend a warm and airy essence of natural elegance to the building. Country Carpenters of Hebron Connecticut provides pre-cut building kits for all types of rustic post and beam buildings. We have shipped these kits all over the world. To learn more, follow the link to our 22′ Carriage Houses page, our 24′ Carriage Houses page, or our 26′ Carriage Houses page.  Call (860) 228-2276 for more information.



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