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If you’re looking to build a barn, and you live in Fairfield County CT, then we’d love to introduce you to our Timber Frame Barn Kits. Country Carpenters has provided classical New England Style timber frame barn kits to residents of Fairfield County since 1974. We’ve helped our customers get the barn of their dreams while also increasing property value and aesthetic. All of our timber frame barn kits are fabricated in our family owned, Hebron CT workshop. We achieve the quality of our building kits thanks to our talented master craftsmen dedicated to manufacturing your kits. They pre-cut, color code, and arrange your timber frame barn kits in a read-to-ship package, so it can be conveniently delivered to your building site.

To continue, Country Carpenters ships to all 50 states, Canada, and The United Kingdom, so our customers can enjoy our products regardless of location. Our customers recognize us for creating traditional New England style timber frame barn kits. These add aesthetic appeal and purpose to their property. Our timber frame barn kits are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you’ll have plenty of choices.

Small Building Kits 

To continue, Country Carpenters offers building kits outside of the traditional barn layout. Some of our most beloved building kits include ones for small buildings. Of these, we offer pool house kits, and carriage houses. Regardless of style, our kits continue to gain notoriety internationally. Also, the process of building our barn kits is nothing to stress about. Our craftsmen work hard to ensure a stress-free build. Before sending out your timber frame barn kit, we personally cut, and color code all compone. After arranging the pieces, they’re packaged as a complete unit right to your building site.

Moreover, Country Carpenters Post & Bldg Inc. is known for our solid reputation of fine craftsmanship. We use traditional fabrication methods for windows, doors, wrought iron hardware and cupolas. Rest assured, when you order our products, they’re guaranteed to last for decades to come. Furthermore, Country Carpenters timber frame barns can be used for a variety of uses. Over the years, our customers have utilized them for:

  • Garages
  • Dream Barn Houses
  • Wineries and Breweries
  • Livestock and Horse Storage
  • Home Offices and Gyms
  • Antique Shops
  • Woodworking and Blacksmith Shops and much more!


Premium Quality and Easy-To-Assemble 

Moreover, Country Carpenters promises only to use top quality materials when engineering our barn kits. As an added advantage, our kits also offer hand-crafted accessories. These include gorgeous weathervanes, traditional cupolas, door latches and meticulous hardware. These are perfect if you want to add a personal touch to your garden sheds, pool houses, saltbox style carriage sheds, and many sizes and styles of timber frame barns. If you have a particular vision, then bring it to our attention, so we can work on making it a reality.

Timber Frame Construction 

Timber frame construction is a beloved way to construct homes and businesses for many generations. Thousands favor this way of building, and for all good reasons. Country Carpenters timber frame barn kits blend together classic timber frame construction with modern day conveniences. If you want an aesthetically pleasing and powerfully built structure for your Fairfield County property, then our timber frame barn kits are a perfect choice.

To conclude, for nearly 5 decades, the talented craftsmen at Country Carpenters have provided top quality timber frame barn kits in Fairfield County CT. We’ve shipped kits all over the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to thousands of homes and businesses. Fairfield County in CT contains 23 gorgeous towns. Regardless if your property is in Bridgeport CT, Norwalk CT, Westport CT, Stamford CT, or Shelton CT, Country Carpenters will have a timber frame barn kit perfect for your property.

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