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Versatile Post & Beam Kit

When you need to design a spacious building to complement your property in Vermont, look no further! Country Carpenters post and beam kit will undoubtedly be a perfect fit, regardless of how unique your preferences are. Our post and beam building kits are designed to bring functionality and sustainability together in one structure. Their classical aesthetic will complement any home or business and grasp the attention of all onlookers. Contact Country Carpenters Post & Beam Bldgs Inc. to begin looking at our timeless, beautiful and multifunctional timber frame building kits. Have you taken a look at our large selection of timber frame barns? Country Carpenters has ten different layouts and plans for authentic New England style barns that you will fall in love with. Barn homes are increasing in popularity, and homesteaders with livestock will find the right, comfortable shelter for their alpaca, horses, goats or sheep. Need a place to store your tractors, plows, snowmobiles and trucks? Our multi-bay carriage house design fits the bill perfectly. Want even more space? Then we can move toward building a larger 2-bay garage for your home or business.

Country Carpenters’ building designs are inspired by the staples of classical New England style. Garden sheds, tool sheds, wood sheds, playhouses, pool houses, and any type of outbuilding you may need are possible with our versatile post and beam layouts. Our pre-designed, pre-cut, color coded post and beam kits are always easy to erect and come in a variety of design and layout options. Since 1974, we have shipped our products all over North America and the United Kingdom to the happiest of customers.

No matter what your vision may be, we have what you are looking for. Do you prefer a large interior space for your barn or carriage house? Country Carpenters post and beam kits are recognized for their large interior spaces and carriage House kits have no center post to get in the way. For your convenience and ease of accessibility, every model is offered with a convenient entry door. If utilizing your post and beam kit as a workshop, business, or storage area, this is a feature that you definitely don’t want to skip out on. Every basic Saltbox Carriage House Building includes:

●  Pre-cut pressure treated sills
●  Pre-cut post & beam frame
●  6×6 posts*
●  6×8 beams*
●  3×4 girts & angle braces*
●  2×8 rafters
●  2×8 collar ties
●  Kiln dried premium siding*
●  Roof sheathing*
●  (1) 42″ Walk-out door kit with oak latch & strap hinges
●  2 Six-light windows (8 pitch Kit)
●  4 Six-light windows (10 pitch Kit)
●  2 Flower boxes
* Eastern White Pine

There are ample to add accessories, such as:

●  Cupolas
●  Windows
●  Doors
●  Weathervanes
●  Hardware
●  Hinges

Regardless of your vision or property layout, Country Carpenters will proudly deliver. Your barn, carriage house, garage, garden shed, or pool house will stand the test of time and be admired for years to come. For nearly five decades, our talented carpenters have designed and built thousands of authentic New England style post and beam structures. Whether your property is in Brattleboro, Montpelier, or Burlington, Country Carpenters will create a post and beam kit that you will love!

Get in touch with our professional craftsmen today to get started and have all your questions answered. Have some unique ideas about customizations? You can trust the professional craftsmen at Country Carpenters for honest advice. Our pre-designed, pre-cut, color coded post and beam kits are easy to erect, and have many design and layout options. Your pre-cut, color-coded kit will be shipped to your door complete with all of your design and layout selections. Our easy-to-raise kits give you the option to select your own local carpenter or have a traditional barn-raising with your neighbors. We love what we do and look forward to working with you. Call Country Carpenters today for more information: (860) 228-2276.


Fine New England Style Post & Beam Carriage Houses, Garden Sheds, and Country Barns Since 1974.

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