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Classic Post and Beam Barn Kits

Make Country Carpenters your first choice for designing post and beam barn kits in Virginia. Whether your barn is being used for a business, home, to shelter livestock or storage, we have what you are looking for. Regardless of your location, your post and beam barn kit will be a beautiful compliment on your property. After discussing your property and preferences, we’ll recommend the size, layout and add-on selections we think is best for you. Our sturdy, versatile, and beautiful post and beam barns will be a perfect fit for whatever you are looking to add. Country Carpenters building kits are multifunctional and timeless structures that are built to stand strong for generations.

To continue, our classic designs are originally inspired by New England style buildings. These relentless structures have proven to stand against the test of time. Additionally, we design our post and beam barn kit to be conveniently color coded and simple to erect. They are offered in a variety of design and layout options for you to choose from. We have experience delivering quality building kits to happy customers since 1974. Our products have been shipped all over North America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Regardless of the purpose you have planned for your structure, our post and beam barn kits will check all the boxes. Our customers have used our buildings for a multitude of purposes, including raising livestock, office buildings, storing machinery, a garage for their vehicles, or even as a primary residence.

Specifically, Country Carpenters offers ten different sizes and styles of barn kits. When you want a large interior space, we suggest our carriage house layout. The Carriage House kits have no center post to get in the way, offering a more open space to enjoy. For your convenience and ease of accessibility, we also offer every model with a convenient side entry door. These work great if utilizing your barn as a workshop, business or storage area. This feature isn’t one you want to skip. Two doors are better than one, right?! Furthermore, our one and a half story building kit is the most sought after model and for all the right reasons. The basic 20′ barn kit comes with:

●  Pre-cut pressure treated sills
●  Pre-cut post & beam frame
●  6×6 posts*
●  6×8 beams*
●  3×4 girts & angle braces*
●  2×8 rafters
●  2×8 collar ties
●  Kiln dried premium siding*
●  Roof sheathing*
●  (1) 42″ Walk-out door kit with oak latch & strap hinges
●  2 Six-light windows (8 pitch Kit)
●  4 Six-light windows (10 pitch Kit)
●  2 Flower boxes
* Eastern White Pine

There are ample to add accessories, such as:

●  Cupolas
●  9 ‘x 7’ Swinging Door Kits
● Handmade 12-Light windows
●  Custom hardware
●  8′ or 10′ Lean-tos

Build A Legacy

If you’re still asking yourself, “Why would I want to choose Country Carpenters post and beam barn kits?” Then consider the following: You will get the market’s best-selling barn kit shipped to your door, ready to assemble for an affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else. The raw materials included in your kit are top shelf, and our doors, windows, cupolas, hardware and hinges are beautifully handcrafted. With this, you can be sure that your Country Carpenters New England style post and beam barn will stand the test of time structurally and aesthetically. For nearly five decades, our master carpenters have sold our New England style structures to thousands of happy homeowners across multiple countries. Your building will complement your property and grasp the attention of onlookers whether you live in Richmond, Fairfax, or by the Chesapeake Bay.

Whether you’re looking for a pool house or classic barn to a brand new garage, Positively, Country Carpenters is the company you have been searching for! Get in touch with our talented craftsmen today. You may choose your own local carpenter to assist in the building process or have a traditional barn-raising with your neighbors. We are excited to meet with you and look forward to your call.Our friendly staff is here to provide you with all the information you need to start your process: (860) 228-2276.


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