New England Style Post & Beam Country
Barns, Small Buildings, and Period Homes

Post & Beam Barns

Beautiful New England Style Post and Beam Barns

Specializing in New England style post and beam barn and outbuilding kits available for customization and delivery throughout the united states and globally.

early new england homes

New Period Homes Expertly Crafted, Uncommonly Beautiful

Our premanufactured 1750s period home building system features a unique, open architecture, timbered ceiling system that works with conventionally framed walls and roofs.


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Meet The Country Carpenters Team

From humble beginnings in Bolton, Connecticut and with a passionate desire to preserve the cultural and structural integrity that our New England ancestors adhered to, Roger Barrett Sr. established Country Carpenters in 1974 along with his wife Lois and a team of dedicated, skilled crafstmen.

Although fifty years and three generations have come to pass, our mission and philosophy at Country Carpenters remains the same. Since our first building went up in 1974, we have been helping loyal customers across the country fulfill their dreams of owning beautiful, period style homes and post and beam buildings through the success of our unique building kits.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re forging our way into the future with an effort to better clarify the family of brands our team has provided now for three generations. In doing so, we are excited to expand our capabilities by establishing a family of brands under the Country Carpenters name. Early New England Homes by Country Carpenters, and Post & Beam Barns by Country Carpenters now operate under the same family company, with the same values, vision, and philosophy that has satisfied customers for over 50 years. We plan to continue exceeding our clients’ expectations by creating quality handcrafted barns, outbuildings & homes for the next 50 years.

A CALLING not to forget our rich COLONIAL HERITAGE.
Wanting the FLAVOR OF LIFE once found in the SIMPLICITY OF THE PAST. Providing a building that is in HARMONY with the COUNTRYSIDE we live in. A CONCERN TO RESTORE FAMILY VALUES at HOME AND IN THE COMMUNITY
LOOKING TO THE FUTURE while not losing sight of the vanishing landscapes our forefathers fashioned. PLEDGING to support RENEWABLE RESOURCES. Letting the reward of our work provide our needs while BRINGING JOY AND PEACE as it was intended.

Post & Beam Barns

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Early New England Homes

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