Barn Doors: A Comparison


With the numerous design options available in our New England style post & beam buildings, you’ll want to give careful consideration to doors and how they relate to your intended uses for your barn, carriage house or pool shed.

barn doors



barn doorsFirst, let’s look at our hand-made swing-out doors. In the traditional batten/ Z-brace design, our doors boards are 7/8” premium grade, kiln-dried eastern white pine and the battens and z braces are the same species in a 5/4 & 6/4 stock. Available with our own hand-forged hinges, you can also choose from single or double swing-out, or dutch door configuration. Mounted on pintle hinges, the exterior face of the barn door is flush, or co-planer, with the exterior face of the barn. The bottom of the door hangs slightly below the top of concrete slab as a weather-break and pine interior door stops complete the weather-break in remaining door opening.


Finishing touches include our signature oak latch or iron thumb latch, interior cane-bolts, interior barrel or chain-bolts and Yale keyed dead bolt.


Next, let’s look at our sliding barn doors. A favorite when it comes to deep New England snow piled outside your door and equal to a swing-out door in terms of tradition and aesthetic appeal. However, a sliding door should move left to right with relative ease so it must hang on its rail without dragging on the barn and therefore a less improved weather seal exists. With this in mind we design and manufacture our sliding barn doors so the door overlaps the door opening 3” along all four edges of the opening to minimize weather infiltration. Our hand-made oak handle provides sure grip for operation.


Last, but not least, electric overhead doors have become the popular trend. Due to additional hardware and components it’s the most expensive of the three options but also provides the most weather tight integrity. Our custom-made overhead doors match our premium siding using the same material for the exterior face of the door, and your choice of Luan or white pine plywood for the interior door finish.
barn doors
A wall mounted jack-shaft opener and torsion spring keep the beautiful timbered ceilings clutter free and even the overhead door track can be upgraded to black powder-coat. Black 30” hammered false hinge plates and our signature oak latch design complete the exterior with the same style and appeal as our traditional swing-out doors but with the convenience of modern movement. Standard ceiling mounted chain drive openers and galvanized track are available as a more economic option.


barn doors

With all of our hand-made doors we offer many variations on both height and width as well as an insulated option.


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