Dear Paul,

We are anxious to get back to the river and see our new Saltbox / Carriage House from Country Carpenters and see how it withstood the winter. We have a few projects left to complete such as adding window boxes and shutters and finalizing the stair railings. I believe we will add a brick floor on sand in the two bays without a floor and put a heart pine floor over the sub-floor in the other section.

It’s hard to believe we brought the kit over on a Navy landing craft at 10PM and had the structure erected and the lads off the island by 5PM the next day! What a great crew you have.

We are trying to figure out how to do another building because it was so rewarding, so much fun and a life experience. People visiting the building are just amazed by the quality and wonderful design elements.

Sincerely, David T.