Country Carpenters Barns.

Though these gorgeous photos are just part of the story, here is some info about Country Carpenters and their barns. Country Carpenters of Hebron Connecticut was founded in 1974. Today the company is well known for the quality post and beam building kits they ship all over the country. They have taken a time-honored building tradition to homeowners who respect the strength and durability of hewn beams and timber framing.  From garden sheds and carriage houses with saltbox style roof lines, to our large and lovely country barns, all of our post & beam buildings can be adapted to serve your needs and enhance your property.

one story barnOne-Story Barns

This is an example of a One Story Barn which was purposed for a spacious garage. The One Story Barn building plans are available in 24′, 26′ and 28′ lengths. We have a Gambrel roof barn in the 26′ length.

Every building has choices in door styles, windows, flower boxes, cupolas, weathervanes, and hardware.

One and a Half Story Barns

The Country Carpenters One and a Half Story Barns may be built in 22′, 24′ or 26′ lengths. Plans may be customized with a lean-to. Custom options include a cupola, sliding door kit, swinging door kits, handmade 12-light windows, a stair option, and an 8′, 10′ or 12′ lean-to.  When you want more than just a basic barn, we invite you to combine the barn with a carriage house and a loft door. Truly custom layouts are always an option- just ask!

Specialty Barns

Specialty Barns include the 26′ One and a half story Saltbox barn and the 30′ and 36′ Gentleman’s Horse Barn. Got Horses? Here’s a barn with a very powerful design, both externally for its architectural integrity, as well as internally for its utility. The loft is nothing short of massive, and the drive-thru center alley allows for stalls, tack rooms, grooming areas and numerous door and window configurations.

The saltbox barn makes an excellent rustic garage that you can dress up with transom windows, custom doors and a cupola. This quaint little building makes a great studio, workshop, home office, or barn. You can select from six sizes, from 26′ x 24′ to 26′ x 60′. All 1 1/2-Story Country Barn kits have mortise & tenon main tie beam connections adding  authenticity and charm to the barns.

White Saltbox Garage with Stained wood Overhead doors and copper guttersGet started by talking to us. Country Carpenters post & beam buildings include garden sheds, pool houses, saltbox style carriage sheds, and many sizes and styles of country barns. We will discuss your ideas, dreams and expectations, and property layout. When you want classic outbuildings, barns, and carriage houses that are designed to last, contact Country Carpenters in Hebron CT. Our post and beam building kits are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and add character to your property. The Country Carpenters barn and carriage house building kits combine early New England charm with the strength of a post and beam framework.  Call us for more information today: (860) 228-2276.

Fine New England Style Post & Beam Carriage Houses, Garden Sheds, and Country Barns Since 1974.

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