Country Barns Bridgewater CT

Country Barns Bridgewater CT

Looking for pre-cut kits for country barns Bridgewater CT?  Country Carpenters Inc. provides ten styles of all purpose post & beam barns. We combine the stability of post & beam with classic New England style. Since 1974 Country Carpenters has shipped pre-engineered building kits all over the US, Canada and the UK. Take a look at drawings of our models at Country Carpenters Barns.  Our one and a half story Saltbox Carriage House is the perfect size and layout for many purposes. There are ten basic styles suitable for your studio, home office, workshop, barn or garage. Every model has the look and feel of genuine New England style country barns. With ten barn sizes available, you can customize your building with our many custom design options.


Get started by talking to us. Country Carpenters post & beam buildings include garden sheds, pool houses, saltbox style carriage sheds, and many sizes and styles of country barns. We will discuss your ideas, dreams and expectations, and property layout. When you want classic outbuildings, barns, and carriage houses that are designed to last, contact Country Carpenters in Hebron CT. Our post and beam building kits are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and add character to your property. The Country Carpenters barn and carriage house building kits combine early New England aesthetics with the strength of a post and beam framework.  Call us for more information today: (860) 228-2276.


Fine New England Style Post & Beam Carriage Houses, Garden Sheds, and Country Barns Since 1974.

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