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Good Morning Bill,

I just don’t know where to begin Sir......I’d like to call you later today or Monday to chat and tell you how incredibly delighted Freddie and I are with you and our Country Carpenters barn project! With barns steeped in our childhoods, both having roots in rural Upstate New York, we are literally like 2 kids each night looking at photos of the day’s progress and smiling ear to ear. We Love You Bill!

Chat soon!

-Freddie and Johnnie 5/ 07/ 18

Paul,          5/25/2017
Steve, Kevin and Mike were unbelievable today; can't say enough about them. They feel like my new best friends. What a day!!!  Despite the rain, best day I have had in a long, long time.
I LOVE Country Carpenters!  
You guys are the best company I have ever dealt with. Thanks for all you and your crew have done for me.
If there is anything I can do to review you guys on social media let me know.
~ Pat

A special thank you again to Steve & Roger for delivering the beautiful wood and working with our crew. They got us off to a good start and in the right direction and very much appreciated. A fun day had by all… Carpenters, family & friends. You and your entire team at Country Carpenters have been a true pleasure to work with.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend ?

~ Barbie

My neighbors call it the “garage-mahal.” I had the eves above the doors covered in copper for protection and to match the cupola. It’s painted a really dark green, almost black as you can see.

Hope you had nice, restful holidays.  A friend came to visit and fell in love with the building, so you may get a call from him about a garage in Sagaponack, Long Island.

Best wishes,

Jan. 2016

Hi Leslie,

Some pictures from the Colwell project in Middlefield. We had a great time putting it together. Thank your staff for a job well done and as always, feel free to use us as a reference for future customers.

Thanks again,
Pam, Ryan and Katherine
July, 2017

Here's that picture of our barn--the best one in Warwick, NY where there are many! Still kicking around ideas for Vt. 

Paul and Leslie,        March 2017

Thanks so much for the gifts.
We will gladly display your nameplate.

Can’t thank you guy enough for all the great work. Mike and everyone else were top notch carpenters.
The connector worked out great.

Fred and Julia
New Canaan, CT

Paul and Leslie-
I wanted to send along a picture of the finished shed. I had power run out to it last week and had a granite step put in front of the door.
Thank you so much for your help during the construction phase. Having somebody on call to avoid a costly mistake was invaluable.

Best Regards,

Hi Leslie,

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our new garage - finished!  We love it!  Your materials were beautiful; everything fit and was easy to work with.  So easy that I built the entire thing all by myself - a one man job!  

Thanks again for all of your help with making this garage a reality!

~ Bernd


Steve H., Massachusetts - Jan 17, 2015

Hi Paul:

Thanks so much for the nameplate and the t-shirt. The barn and I will proudly wear our new badges. I have returned the completed survey via USPS.

From our first contact with you through the arrival of your truck and the “raising" with your two wonderful guys it was an outstanding experience. Your warmth and competence through the entire process was exemplary and a year and a half later we couldn’t be happier with the result. The materials and workmanship are first class.

I’ve attached a couple of seasonal photo’s for your archives.

Thanks so much and all our best to you and your staff.~ Steve H.


I purchased a small Country Carpenters 1 and 1/2 story barn kit (28X24) three years ago. I just wanted to let you know how it went. The barn.....ah cottage.....came out great and your package was perfect. Attached is a picture of the Vintner's Cottage at Laurel Vinyard, Julian PA.


Chris C., New Jersey - August 23, 2013

We love our barn!!! Looks great. Smells great. A great addition to our property. I am so glad I found Country Carpenters. The product is amazing and the service was spectacular. I wish I could add another barn. Next time I'm near Hebron I will be sure to stop in to say hello.

Best, Chris

Mike and Kathy, Connecticut - Jun 17, 2013

Hi Leslie!

Thanks very much for the shirts and nameplate. We have attached the nameplate outside the front door of the barn. It looks great there. Here is the barn all finished and painted. It looks great and we love it.

Best regards, Mike and Kathy

New Hampshire

You had asked for pictures of our Country Carpenters garage built last year...I have attached a copy...we are thrilled with how things turned out.

Thanks so much.

Paul, I hope you are well. The barn was a great place to move the graduation party when the forecast called for rain.

New York - December 7, 2011

Hey Gent's!

Just wanted to pass on again how thankful I am for this past deer camp. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The camaraderie at camp, the old stories retold by my Dad and Uncle Bud, camp cooking, even getting up to stoke the fire when it's your turn, all add up to an enjoyable experience. It's what makes every year successful, deer or no. Glad to have been able to make it this year. Talk again soon!

~ Ken

Peter R., Virginia - May 31, 2011

Leslie, Paul and Bill.....

I wanted to send you some pictures of the finished shed. We love how it turned out and most people do that stop by. As you can see, the shed was built to be a small garden gift shop. I had a lot of extra wood so I was able to trim the entire shed as well as build the stairs and deck. I really did not have any problems and the post and beam construction was easy to construct. I am very impressed with the quality of the materials especially the flooring. Thanks for your help. I have been giving your company name out and I hope that leads to more business.

Two weeks later we finally have a finished totem pole. Thank you so much for the block of wood. Hannah was very pleased with the outcome!!

Alan H., New York - January 4, 2011

About 2 years ago, you helped us raise our barn at Hosack Farm in Hyde Park, NY. At the time, I promised to send some pictures of the completed barn.

We built it as a classic New York state, 'bank barn' into a hillside. As you can see, it all worked out very well.

Betty & Bob S., Massachusetts - October 15, 2010

Leslie, Enclosed are two pictures of the barn from Country Carpenters.
We're very pleased with the outcome.

~ Betty & Bob S.

Walt S., New York - October 12, 2010

Hi Bill,

I have received many compliments on my Country Carpenter's Carriage House, and i am always happy to show it off to any interested person so that they can see what a well built and functional building it truly is. They are usually impressed with it's solid and quality construction. My decorator neighbor has commented to me several times that she likes to gaze at it from her house because it is just so nice to look at (and i thought it was to house my ever expanding load of possessions!)

Have a great holiday

~ Walt S.

Robert H., New York - January 29, 2009

Dear Bill:

What a pleasant surprise to hear from Country Carpenters.Thank you the Country Carpenters shirts that we will be proud to wear.The nameplate is handsome and we plan to place it on the outside of our handsome building. Typical of your organization you included the screws.When the building was in progress with your two men and my two men, it was most exciting to see how quickly and how beautifully all of the pieces fit together. This building has received much admiration from local people.We have been hopeful to find another building that we can collaborate on with Country Carpenters. We now believe that we may have found one.

Kindest personal regards, Robert

Jean A., New York - July 28, 2008

Dear Paul,

Our shed is the focal point of our backyard. We use it to store the ride-on mower and various tools. My father made wooden pegs to hang things and Dennis put stone under the shed to match the stone walls. Enclosed please find pictures of our shed. If you are interested in using them, please feel free.

~ Jean


Love to keep the "pony" and Chevy in our beautiful barn by Country Carpenters here at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH! 

Joe 2018

Leslie, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the team for such a great experience from beginning to end on the construction of our barn.  It came out better than expected (picture attached) and the carpenters were a pleasure to work with.  I honestly cannot recall a more professional group of people that I have come across to work with.  A special thank you as well to the gentleman (John?) who would email me updates and photos as I requested.

Have a great week and thanks again.

Andy 2017

I am currently working with Country Carpenters on our eighth building together.
Each project has been highly educational, fun and extremely smooth. All facets of the Country Carpenters operation is of the highest quality and the team are highly professional. Delivery drivers, craftsmen, and Paul and Leslie all have been so impressive to work with.
I hear nothing but compliments about the Country Carpenters buildings from thousands of people who pass through camp each year. It has been a true pleasure to work with this organization and I look forward to many more projects in the future.


Joe O’Keefe
Associate Executive Director
South Shore YMCA
Camp Burgess & Hayward

Hi Bill,           June 2017

Finally getting around to sending you some photos of the barn we purchased in 2013. I guess I was waiting until it was finished, but I realize now that it will probably never be finished!  I love it, and it is my pride and joy.  You folks really have a terrific product! It is everything I wanted, and nothing that I don’t.  Your crew was great, very helpful, and very professional. I really enjoyed doing business with you, and I can’t say enough good things about you when I’m asked about the barn and where I got it. (Which is all the time!)  Thank you for everything.


Ted and Sandy

Hi Leslie:          2016

I just want to let you know that our barn turned out great.  Everything went together smoothly and relatively easily.  Attached is a picture of the barn.

I am thrilled with the design and finished barn.

Country Carpenters was a pleasure to work with and very helpful when we had any questions about the assembly.

Thank you.
~ Steve

Hi Bill,

I've been meaning to reach out to you all summer and thank you for all of your help with our 12’x12’ pool house.  It looks terrific! We get so many compliments on it. Thanks again for all of your help. We recommend Country Carpenters to anyone who asks. Feel free to use me as a reference for the quality of your product (which exceeded expectations) and/or your customer service (also exceeded expectations).  Thanks again.

Craig - Melrose, Massachusetts 2017


Hi Leslie and Paul,

The weathervane just arrived about a month ago, so in my mind it wasn't complete until "Kramer" was up there protecting our barn! Thanks so much for all your efforts in helping me complete my "vision."  I am really, really pleased with it and enjoy it every day!


Oct. 2015


Attached you will find two pictures of one of your garages completed in Thompson Ridge NY. Your product was excellent! There were no surprises and surpassed our expectations in quality. The complements we have received by neighbors and contractors who stopped to see it are overwhelming.

The construction crew was truly impressed with your product and the ease in which the barn went together.

Leslie, thanks again for your help and the great product you provide.

John and Susan

First, we want to thank you so much for the beautiful carriage house/barn you put together for us many years ago. I just wanted to update you on how the little 24’x 36’ car storage building has been used and enjoyed in the years since.
  We have stored our cars plus several race cars and friend’s cars. We have hosted two Gourmet Club dinners for 60 people, yoga classes for adults and children, kid’s music camp, songwriter’s workshop and some fun gatherings.
 In the past few years we expanded our house concerts on a whim to include the "barn" which is empty in the summer.  We expanded Front Street Concerts (just a name...not a business) to included several barn concerts each summer. With the addition of carpeting, a stage, lighting and a backdrop we have hosted several thousand people over the last few years. 
  This little space and its wonderful charm quickly became a sought after/premier venue for musicians and audience alike.  When we have larger summer audience we take the doors off and if the weather is wet we put up an adjacent tent for extra comfort. 
 I would like to send you some pictures /video so that you can see how great this is and how the building by Country Carpenters is truly a space that keeps giving back to people and is integral in promoting the connection between musician and audience, and keeping the arts alive.  
Thanks so much for this very special place.
Jerry and Binki
Hopkinton, MA

Country Carpenters, Steve and Chris were GREAT....and, as you can see, we got well along in putting up our carriage house. Thanks.... Paul & Vic

Country Carpenters - We love the it!! And so does everyone who has seen it (from sophisticated New Yorkers to staunch old "swampers"). The crew did a great job and were easy to work with. Thanks for a beautiful barn. Thought I would send along a picture.
~ Kim

Becky T., Oregon - March 3, 2014

We love our barn and the builder, Corey L., who put it together for us!

~ Becky from Oregon

Paul L., New Jersey, May 1, 2012

Dear Country Carpenters, We are pleased beyond words with our barn and share that fact with everyone who sees it. I am glad that Bea and Jean-Claude decided to add one to their operation. I know it will exceed their expectations. Our barn is beautiful, as you can see in the photo, but it has also held up with flying colors through Sandy and the chain of storms we have had in the last two years. Thank you again.

Fondly, Kate and Paul

Bea T., New Jersey - May 30, 2013

So beautiful! — at Tassot Apiaries Inc. / Buzzing Acres Farm.

David T., New York - Apr 16, 2008

Dear Paul,

We are anxious to get back to the river and see our new Saltbox / Carriage House from Country Carpenters and see how it withstood the winter. We have a few projects left to complete such as adding window boxes and shutters and finalizing the stair railings. I believe we will add a brick floor on sand in the two bays without a floor and put a heart pine floor over the sub-floor in the other section.

It's hard to believe we brought the kit over on a Navy landing craft at 10PM and had the structure erected and the lads off the island by 5PM the next day! What a great crew you have.

We are trying to figure out how to do another building because it was so rewarding, so much fun and a life experience. People visiting the building are just amazed by the quality and wonderful design elements.

Sincerely, David T.

Roland D, Maine - May 23, 2007

This is late but a pretty sight.I love my buildings.

Pam B., New Hampshire - April 6, 2007


I thought you may like to see our barn after yesterdays one foot dumping here in NH.
We love our barn!!

David, Pam, Rachel and Casey

Bob J., Connecticut - February 16, 2007


Thank you for the T-shirt, it was a nice gift. I appreciated Country Carpenter's thoughtfulness during construction and with your follow up. Enclosed are a couple pictures of the shed landscaped and decorated for the fall.

Regards, Bob

Burton J., Connecticut - December 5, 2006


Better late than never, but I am sending you a couple of photos of the barn you guys built almost a year ago. We are thoroughly enjoying it. My wife just gave me a weathervane to put on top of the cupola.My dad is now considering a barn for his business after seeing my carriage house and a 28' one-story country barn that Pete and Shelly built on their Christmas tree farm.; My dad's interested in a similar size to Pete and Shelly's. Once the Christmas tree season is over, we'll come up to visit and discuss the options. I'll call to make sure you'll be around.

Thanks, Burton

Tony N., Massachusetts - October 18, 2006

Attached please find a photo of the barn I purchased from you. This upcoming spring/summer I'd like to put up another barn (not so bloody big) on my property. Can I get you to send me a current catalog and price sheet so I can start scamming the next one?

John R., Connecticut - October 16, 2006

Hi Paul,

Here's the final look at the addition. I really like the whole effect. Note the lightning rods and cable. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result.
Thanks for your design tips and patience over the course of the project.

Steve and Marylou B., New York - July 27, 2006


Please see our completed Barn. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we do. We just can't get enough of it
Thanks for everything. Steve & Marylou B

Dan S, Massachusetts - January 17, 2006

Hi Leslie,

I am sending a few photos of our barn. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with our experience dealing with you and your company. The quality of your service and product far surpassed my expectations.
If you would like to use me as a reference, please do.

John F., Connecticut - May 22, 2008

Hi Leslie,

Find enclosed interior and exterior pictures of our barn. It was constructed in April "07", it is heated and wired.We had our "07" Christmas Eve dinner in the barn ( Family Tradition - about 60 yrs ). The Barn is my wife`s and mine`s pride and joy. It is a workshop, and a storage area for my antique cars ( 1956 Jeep CJ-5 and my 1931 Model "A Ford ) and also a storage area for the lawn equipment.

Yours Truly, John