Barn Uses

Barn Uses

Barn Uses: And the List Goes On and On

Barns conjure images of mounds of hay, dusty old tractors and birds fluttering in and out through broken, web-lined windows. Mysterious yet regal, barns hearken back to simpler times when many people worked with their hands and a barn facilitated that work in some critical way.

Today, our barns pay tribute to those of old. With their rugged post & beam design they still play a major role in facilitating the work of our hands, although that “work” has changed, somewhat.

The primary use of our barns continues to be vehicle storage. With some designed for two daily drivers and a little additional utility space, to large multiple bay two-story barns, with vehicle lifts for the hot rod enthusiast or serious collector.





The whole family often uses our traditional structures as recreation and hobby space. Pool houses, game rooms, home gyms, wood shops, potting sheds, yoga studios, art studios, craft and sewing rooms, photography studios, fly-tying shops and the list goes on and on.


A growing trend with some of our New England style outbuildings is their use as a business, both in the form of workshop or manufacturing facility as well as storefront, and both in a backyard setting as well as commercially zoned. Our barns have been used as craft stores, garden centers, farm stands, antique shops, breweries & wineries, a hair salon, commercial woodworking shops & blacksmith shops and more and more.




And although not often, some of our barns are still used for livestock. With flexible footprint sizes available, stall and isle sizes and layouts are also changeable. Big loft designs are available to accommodate ample hay storage.

With a variety of classic styles and size variations, numerous hand-made options, and an option to insulate, there is no doubt the list of uses of our fine New England style post & beam buildings will continue to grow.


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